Every Author has a Story

We are here to make that story known to the world, in the most epic way we can.

Imperfect Books

Imperfect Books

You will find extras here, as well as damaged books if available. ... 

We are your one stop shop for exclusive collection editions

We want what you so we set out to create that. We bring you the best in the indie romance world.

  • Exclusivity Matters

    Our covers are all exclusive. You can only get these covers through our box. Be different, be bold, illuminate your shelf.

  • Stand out Designers

    We work with numerous designers to bring fresh, on brand and trending designs. Our covers are approved by the author. We value thier opinions.

  • Small Shops

    As you know we are firm believer in supporting small shops. Our swag will always come from a small shop. We support one another.

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