September 2024 - Spotlight - Subscription


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You have made a great choice by choosing to shop with us. let me tell what you should expect. 

What's in the box? 

$39.99 - Spotlight  Author Box - This box is perfect for those individuals wanting just one book a month but still has all the fun stuff *jazz hands** 

This title will feature:

                    - Stenciled edges 

                    - Beautifully designed end pages

                    - Foiled Designs on the cover. 

                    - Digitally signed 

                    - Exclusive interior formatting 

                    - Naked hardcovers 

                    - Subscription only. 

 These boxes do not come with swag, this is books only. 

Subscription Skips will be relatively unlimited. You are able to skip at any time throughout the year. However three consecutive skips in a row will cancel your subscription. 

Cancellations: You are able to cancel your subscription any time before the payment drafts on the first of the month. If you cancel after the payment has been drafted your order for the current draft will not be canceled or refunded. 

If you cancel your subscription, you will NOT be able to reactivate your subscription. You must join the waitlist. When a spot opens up again you will be notified.