Sara Cate - Highest Bidder + Madame


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 Please read description in its entirety:

All books may have some slight imperfections. These are not perfect copies, but are very close, meaning the imperfections are minor. Though everyone's opinion of what is damage is different this is based off our opinion alone.  




  • You do not need a subscription to order.
  • All books will be digitally signed.
  • There is no limit per order.
  • Titles will be sold as a set and not individually.
  • Both Highest Bidder and Madame will have silver foiling to match the other covers.


Important notes:


-No Cancelations. All sales are final. No refunds.


-International buyers please note Cover to Cover will no longer be covering the import tax on your box. You must pay the expense yourself. Boxes returned to us will not be accepted.